Flute Sizes

Flutes come in several standard shapes or
flute profiles. Generally, larger flute profiles
deliver greater vertical compression strength
and cushioning.

Smaller flute profiles provide enhanced
structural and graphics capabilities for
primary (retail) packaging. Different flute
profiles can be combined in one piece
of combined board to offer extra strength and

For instance, in a triple w;all board, one layer
of medium might be A-flute while the other
two layers may be C-flute.

  • A Flute

    5mm thick. Good stacking strength and protection.

  • B Flute

    3mm thick. The most common grade with good puncture resistance.

  • C Flute

    4mm thick. A very common grade with good stacking strength and protection. Better cushioning than B flute.

  • E Flute

    1.5mm thick. A lightweight fine flute, ideal where protection is secondary to space and weight requirements.