Custom Printed Labelops

Labelopes are a single layer, heavy duty polythene pouch with an easily removable protective backing paper. The pouch has an adhesive around the outside edge to adhere to parcels, cartons, plastic film etc. They are used to protect documents such as packing slips, invoices, maintenance instructions, brochures and warranty cards etc.

SNELL can arrange for your labelopes to be customised with your company name, logo, address details or other branding to help promote your business or product.

  • Custom printed to your design (maximum of 2 colours)
  • Recommended colours for making your details stand out are yellow and black
  • 2 handy sizes – 125mm x 152mm and 144mm x 205mm
  • 1000 labelopes per box, with a minimum order quantity of 6 boxes
  • Lead time is 5 weeks from date of artwork approval
  • Tamper-evident design indicates if the documents have been opened after dispatch
  • Good conformability to irregular surfaces

If you are already using printed packaging tape you wil know all abot the above benefits. If you are not, it is a product that can be easily produced to replace whatever packaging tape you are using now.