Thermal Labels

There are a wide variety of uses for customised labels, including product labelling, promotional and point-of-sale displays, logistics and shipping applications, as well as meat industry and pharmaceutical labelling. If your business has a need for customised labels, then SNELL can assist in providing the solution that is right for you.

Thermal Labels

Examples of thermal?labels include address labels that can be supplied pre-printed with your company logo for you to overprint with address details, or courier labels, which are multi-sectioned and printed with barcodes and address information.

There are two types of thermal labels - thermal transfer and direct thermal.

Thermal transfer labels require a ribbon for printing, where heat is
used to transfer ink from the ribbon on to the label for a
permanent print.

  • High quality, durable printing
  • Long life span
  • Not sensitive to light or heat
  • Ideal for high-density barcodes and labels that require

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Direct thermal labels are printed using a chemically-coated,
heat-sensitive material, which produces an image as heat is
applied to the surface.

  • Less expensive overall as a ribbon is not required for
  • Ideal for indoor applications where the label is not
    exposed to direct sunlight or high temperatures