Where Can I Go For More Information?

The manufacturer, supplier or importer should provide you with a contact number for more information. The enforcement agencies, particularly the hazardous substances experts in local authorities and the Environmental Protection Authority, are able to give you advice on dealing with hazardous substances.

Check to see if a code of practice has been approved by the Authority. Following that could make compliance with these controls easier.

For further information, contact:
Private Bag 63002
Wellington 6140
Tel: 04 916 2426 or 0800 376 234

The Code Of Practice Regulatory Requirement Relating To HSNO Signage Can Be Summarised As Follows:

Signs must be loacted where they will be noticed by persons entering the site where hazardous substances (at above the specified trigger quantities) are located and must:

  • advise that the loaction contains hazardous substances,
  • describe the hazardous property and nature of the hazard(s) of the substance, ER-IS-24-01 09/04,
  • describe the precautions needed to safely manage the substance,
  • identify appropriate emergency response agency(s) or personnel and the means of contacting them,
  • provide sufficient information to advise any ofthe trained persons and the emergency service provider(s) of the immediate emergency response actions for the hazardous substances present,
  • be easily understood
  • be able to be easily read at a distance under varying conditions.

If you are dealing with restricted hazardous substances (such as almost all explosives and many highly toxic substances), you may need to become an approved handler or ensure that certified approved handlers deal with these substances.

In some cases, your site may need to be certified as suitable for some hazardous substances.

For certain substances you wil lneed to be prepared for an emergency (for example, where there are flammable substances, have the right sort of fire extinguisher available and have an emergency management plan).