Different Coating Types


Water absorbing surface treatment that prevents fogging of the lens. Always having a clear view, even in humid environments, helps avoid accidents.


Scratch-resistant coatings are applied to the front and back of lenses in the manufacturing process. Although it is important to realise that no lens in scratch-proof, this special coating does make lenses hard to scratch when dropped or rubbed against a hard surface.


Dust-repellent surface treatment reduces the need for cleaning.

Provides protection against general indoor hazards.
Smoke Lenses
Filters harmful UV rays as well as visible light and reduces glare from artificial light.
Amber Lenses
The characteristics of the filter show absorption of the blue light in the visibile range, producing contrast enhancement.
Mirror Lenses
The mirror coating reduces the amount of light through the lens by reflecting the glare.
Indoor/Outdoor Lenses
A slight mirror coating on a clear lens, allows more visible light through and reduces glare from artificial light.
Polarised Lenses
Polarised lenses filter glare and enhance contrast.