How Do I Choose My Protective Eyewear?

The main considerations when selecting eye protection are:

  • Type of hazards present that could damage the eyes
  • Frequency of use
  • Required colour recognition
  • Optical capacity of the worker
  • Compatibility with other personal protective equipment (PPE) required

In all cases, a proper risk assessment should be carried out by a suitably qualified professional.

Appropriate Eyewear Selection Guide
Work Situation Safety Glasses Goggles Face Shield
Chemical Cleaning  
Furnance Operation, Pouring, Casting    
General Engineering Workshop
Genenral Factory Areas  
Hazardous Chemical Use (Splash)    
High Dust Environment  
Laboratories - Hazardous Chemical  
Laboratories - Non-Hazardous
Light Chemical use (No splash)
Masonry Work - Brick/Stone/Concrete  
Medical & Dentistry
Metal Grinding/Turning  
Solid Chemical Handling
Solid Chemical Handling
Spray Painting  
Waste Handling
Woodworking (Non-powered hand tools)
Woodworking (Power tools)