Fit & Care For My Hearing Protection

Follow manufacturer's instructions. With ear plugs, for example, the ear should be pulled outward and upward with the opposite hand to enlarge and straighten the ear canal, and the plug inserted with clean hands. Ensure the hearing protector lightly seals within the ear canal or against the side of the head. Hair and clothing should not be in the way.

Earplug Fitting Guide

Disposable Earplugs

  • Hold the earplug between
    thumb and forefinger. Roll
    the full lenght of the earplug
    into a narrow, wrincle-free

  • Using the opposite hand, reach
    across your head and pull ear up
    and back to maximise ear

    Gently work compressed plug well into ear cananl, with end level with external ridges of ear.

  • Hold in for 50-60 seconds until
    the foam expands to fully seal
    the ear to maximise exclusion of

    Repeat steps 1&2 for other ear.

Resuable Earplugs

  • Using the opposite hand,
    reach across your head and
    pull ear up and back to
    maximise ear opening.

  • Insert earplug gently until all
    ripples or flanges are inside the
    ear canal.

  • The tip of the earplug should be
    visible when viewed from in front.

    Repeat steps 1 & 2 for other ear.

Checking Correct Fit

Follow all earplug fitting instructions for maximum efficiency and durability. If either or both earplugs don't seem to be fitted properly, remove and re-insert following the correct steps as indicated above.

When properly inserted, the end of the earplugs should be located at opening of your ear canal.

Test effectiveness in a noisy location by cupping both hands over ears and release. You should NOT notice a significant difference in the noise level.

How Should I Care For My Hearing Protection Device?


  • Before handling any earplugs, ensure hands are clean.
  • Always check your earplugs and discard if damaged, worn, dirty or no longer pliable.
  • Reusable plugs can be washed if necessary. Clean with mild soap/water and allow to dry thoroughly. Store in a case away from extreme heat and direct sunlight when not in use. Check manufacturer's recommendations first to find out if the earplugs are washable. If kept clean and undamaged, reusable earplugs should last up to three weeks.
  • On banded earplugs, clean and replace pads regularly as required.


  • Follow the manufacturer's instructions for care and maintenance.
  • Check regularly for wear and tear. Discard if earcups are visibly damaged or compromised. Replace ear cushions if damaged.
  • Replace a unit when head bands are so stretched that they do not keep ear cushions snugly against the head.
  • Wash earmuffs with mild soap and warm water. do not dip into water. Ensure that sound-attenuating material inside the ear cushions does not get wet.