Temporary Traffic Management & AS/NZS 1906.2010 Standard

The New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) has a Code of Practice which specifies the standard of safety garment that a worker must wear while working in or close to hazardous traffic areas on state highways and public roads.

A TTMC garment must have at least 0.6m² of fluorescent orange fabric visible with an additional tail (must be 150mm longer than the front) on the rear of the garment. A TTMC garment must also have 0.2m² of retro reflective material (50mm wide), which includes an additional band of retro reflective material on the tail. This must form an 'H' or 'belt & braces' configuration. Long sleeve garments must also have a loop of retro reflective tape between the wrist and elbow.

AS/NZS 1906.4:2010 Standard

Fabric used for high visibility garments must also meet the AS/NZS
1906.4:2010 standard. This relates to the specific material used,
its durability and colourfast properties.

Over time fabric visibility is gradually depleted through day-to-day
wear and exposure to the weather. It is important to inspect
the garment and replace it when there is noticeable colour change.