NOTE: This information is a guide only. Call 111 or seek medical advice for guidance when faced with a situation that requires first aid.

Throughout life, you will be faced with many types of injuries – whether it is a simple paper cut or a severe chemical burn, every accident must be dealt with in the right way.

It's essential to know what to do when faced with a situation that may depend on your actions to save a life.

  Soft Tissue Injuries
Name Description
Bruise Bleeding that occurs under the skin causes discoloration, swelling. The area begins as red but may turn into a "black and blue mark."
Cut A cut is a split in the skin caused by a sharp object, such as a knife, or even a dull object. A cut can have either a jagged or smooth edge.
Puncture A puncture wound is caused when the skin is pierced by a sharp object. Included in this category are gunshot wounds, impaled objects, and an object that passes totally through a part of the body.
Scrape A scrape is very common, and occurs when skin is rubbed or scraped away.