Tork Washroom Systems


Choosing the right hygiene system for your washroom needs is easy.

The following four factors are important to consider:

  • 1. Size of washroom

    A washroom's size affects which dispensers are most suitable, and this in turn affects the capacity level.

  • 2. Visitors

    How often is your facility used and by how many people? The number of visitors is important when choosing the proper size and capacity of a hygiene system.

  • 3. Cleaning

    How often will your facility be cleaned and how often will dispensers need to be refilled?

    A hygiene system's capacity should at least match the number of visitors expected between each round of cleaning.

  • 4. Paper Quality

    Your choice of paper quality is very important for hygiene, comfort and consumption control. The level of quality can also reflect upon your desired company image. Tork has three quality levels:

  • Tork Premium

    Superior range of high quality systems

  • Tork Advanced

    Range of efficient, high quality systems.

  • Tork Universal

    Meets your basic demands.

Tork Capacity Symbols

After assessing your washroom , you will have an idea of what capacity level and paper quality you require. Tork has three symbols to help you choose the right hygiene system:

  • Low Capacity

    A solution that suits smaller washrooms with fewer visitors, need regular cleaning and refill requirements of 1-2 times per week.

  • Medium Capacity

    A solution that fits large washrooms with more than 25 visitors, longer maintenance cycles and refill requirements of once a day.

  • High Capacity

    A solution that is the best choice for busy, larger washrooms of more than 50 visitors per toilet and refill requirments of more than twice a day.